Halcyon Lake


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Designed by Indigenous art studio Balarinji, Saltpan's motifs celebrate ancient rituals from The Dreamtime, carried out by the Spirit ancestors who travelled all over the Country. Saltpan's mythology: "Salt creek carves in path through ageless tracks from the riverbank to the sea. Patterned roots of mangroves tangle in the languid heat. Water ripples across time-smoothed riverstones. Ancient songs call crocodile spirits."

Balarinji's contemporary designs connect all people with the ancient Indigenous Culture and its Law which protects the land. So every new generation, those Coming behind, will inherit its beauty.


Hand-knotted with premium semi-worsted New Zealand wool for durability and a velvety finish. The high quality finishing of these rugs utilises hand carving around the patterns to accentuate and bring out the depth of the stunning designs.


Yellow, brown



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