Halcyon Lake


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Handmade in Argentina by talented artisans, this rug is woven on a traditional wooden loom with 100% pure, fine hand-spun wool from the Andes. Each rug in this collection is a unique piece, dyed with organic elements such as leaves, barks, resins and roots. Both ends of the rug are well finished with 'Huinchas'; luxury bands which are hand-woven on a smaller loom. The rug consists of two separate stripes which are hand sewn in the middle with a strong sheep wool string, strengthened at the back with Huinchas.

The hand spun wool yarn is easy to clean, but is more delicate in nature and better suited to lower traffic areas. We provide complimentary underlay with this rug.


100% pure Argentinian Wool


250 x 300 cm


Beige, brown



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